woman in art therapy session modeling her eyes fixed on her artwork

What are the objectives and benefits of Art-Therapy ?

The therapeutic activity draws on the observations made by the Art-therapist and also on the auto-evaluation of the patient him/her self.

The relationship between the patient and the therapist is of the utmost importance. Modern Art-Therapy is interested in the artistic process rather than in the result of the artistic creation which will never be assessed or interpreted by the therapist. The end result is the expression of the pursuit of the esthetic ideal of the patient.  Art Therapy is only the tool with which to help the patient take pride in him/her self. Art is used as a way of enhancing the patient’s Self Esteem, that is to say the Self Regard, Love, Confidence, Emotional, and Resilience, in his/her everyday life.

The artistic expression with its esthetic objective is an exceptional way to exteriorize one’s suffering other than in words.

Patients will regain their ability to feel, to express themselves, to become involved, all of which will lead to a new dimension to their attitude to life and to the construction of their independence.

In other words, by expressing their tastes and their style and through their commitment to the therapy and their relationship with the Art-therapist, the patients will be using their own resources to find the energy and the drive necessary for a better quality of life, all thanks to the pleasure found through artistic creation.

Art-therapy helps to make a person feel alive.